Coaching The Enneagram Assessment

The Enneagram is an online assessment, administered by a 3rd party provider via online completion that offers in-depth insight into individuals. Offering a variety of levels in reporting, it is diversely utilized in Leadership Development, High Potentials identification and development, Career Coaching and High Performing Teams. The tool utilizes an open systems perspective of personal development, delving into the underlying motivations, fears, vices and virtues that underpin each person. We offer a money back guarantee on all Enneagram debrief sessions. If you are not completely satisfied with your process, its on us! We are that confident of the value of this offering.



The Enneagram is therefore a useful guide on the journey toward self-mastery, relationship building, conflict resolution and improved team dynamics. Unlike other typologies, it is not aimed at confining people, it is rather utilized more effectively in harnessing individual and teams inherent talents. The tool extends far beyond surface behavioural classifications. The Enneagram works with an individual as a complex and layered being.

Why work with the Enneagram

When we approach the organisation as a complex and functioning system,  we recognize the levers to pull to deliver strategic intent, through our people. High performing teams consists of groups of individuals working well together. As such the optimization of individual behaviour contributes significantly to the overall success of team synchronicities and the overall impact is felt on the bottom line. 


    • Enables career selection for young professionals (Includes Students)
    • Increases consciousness and confidence of individuals
    • Once unhealthy behavioural patterns are identified, we work to transcend these
    • Expedites personal growth and potential fulfillment
    • Enables clearing of core emotional issues
    • Creates understanding of functional and dysfunctional behaviour
    • Improves the quality of relationships
    • Builds Leadership Authenticity 

    • Creates the foundation for High Performing Teams
    • Provides a framework for making sense of team conflict
    • Enables the team to move beyond a pattern of blame
    • Repolarises teams while dismantling more traditional 'fault lines' in teams
    • Improves people dynamics 
    • Expedites the productive integration of new members into team
    • Develops a new language for team dynamics
    • Builds a team culture of trust and authenticity

    • Decreases behind the scenes organisational politics
    • Improves Change Management skills and decreases fear of change 
    • Unleashes organisational creativity through greater individual integration
    • Improves Productivity and Performance
    • Creates a framework which enables greater project leadership
    • Builds organisational integrity
    • Contributes to the development of talent
    • Plays a critical role in enabling culture change
  • 1 on 1 Career Coaching

    Everybody is a genius. but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid  - Albert Einstein

    • In Career Coaching, our team of highly skilled performance coaches, assist you in establishing a career path
    • We put in place the necessary measures to achieve your career goals which I then hold you accountable to
    • Your coach will dissect your academic background and experience and provide guidance on trends in your field
    • With students in grade 11 & grade 12, we are able to conduct a synchronicity exercise and highlight the careers within which your inherent strengths will be best utilized
    • Each client is unique and depending on your needs we work on overall Brand Presence and Network expansion.