Leadership and Interpersonal Development #VUCA: Our Signature Leadership Development Programme

I think one of the keys to leadership is recognizing that everybody has gifts and talents. A good leader will learn how to harness those gifts toward the same goal.  - Ben Carson

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VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous)

Leadership has certainly evolved from its traditional definitions.  In its traditional sense, we spoke conservatively about the knowledge, attitude and behaviours utilized to influence people in order to achieve desired objectives. Relevant Leadership conversations today cannot be had without mention of Artifical Intelligence, Authentic Leadership, Courageous Ethical Leadership and Agile Leadership.

In this 6 day workshop, we delve into the controversial yet character building conversation of : Are leaders born or made? We workshop each of these concepts, immersively, with programme partners that are leaders in the market. VUCA dictates that our world does not stand still. Our jobs of leaders demand a continual morphing in the quest for relevance. Every version of Leadership requires a new and improved version of self. We are able to deliver the programme via Leadership Retreat.


To successfully and significantly navigate these waters requires people who lead self well and contribute positively towards a high performing way of being, people who are resilient and agile, have built emotional intelligence, are problem solvers, elite communicators and are aligned around possibility.

Topics to be Covered: (Sessions are split to suit the client)

  • Module 1 | Emotional Mastery
  • Module 2 | High Performance Leaders
  • Module 3 | High Performing Teams: Discipline & Team Norms (Immersive Module)
  • Module 4 | High Stake Conversations
  • Module 5 | Critical Problem Solving
  • Module 6 | Business Action Project (Customized to the client)

1. Negotiation Skills

Our work is our stage and how we negotiate, and take others along on our journey (Influencing Skills) is the difference between success and failure. When we get the internal dialogue right, we show resilience, we ‘show up’ to the high stake conversations that shake us at our core and we emerge stronger and more driven toward what we bring to the table. These experiences shape us, and when handled with intelligent emotions, build us. In this workshop, immersively, intrinsically and practically, we equip people with the competitive edge that allows them be more Influential within the art of Negotiation, how to leverage people that matter most and ultimately Play To Win in the world of work!

This programme therefore empowers delegates to:

  • Confidently hold high stake conversations
  • Negotiate up, down and laterally
  • Achieve middle ground in difficult client interactions

2. Assertiveness and Influencing Up

The stage is set, Rio Olympics 2016, the country awakes at an obscene hour of the morning to watch our boy Wade Van Niekerk take his mark on unfortunate lane number 8, the worst lot of the draw they speculate. We are wrapped in blankets, on the edge of our couches, rubbing sleep from our eyes and carrying the weight of hope in our hearts. The gun goes off, if you blink – you may miss it. It feels like we are running it with him, yet none of us – not those on our couches or those on the track can catch him. With him on that track run our expectations of greatness, frustrations of our own potential unfulfilled, our resilience and our will to succeed. He crosses the 400m line shattering history in a single step. 43.03, figures us South Africans will never forget. He utters the day after he shocked the world,’ I never really had much of a game plan last night, I just went out there to do my best.’

What is the story he tells himself to push beyond prescribed limits? How do we learn to back ourselves, by developing our Assertiveness and craft of influencing people?

In this workshop we target, just that. We look at how to deliberately craft, implement and then sustain the behavioural patterns of those that win at life. By utilising a neuroscience framework, we cultivate what we know as patterns of the brain, to be that of an achiever. Our work is our stage and how we show up (Assertiveness), and how we take others along on our journey (Influencing Skills) is the difference between success and failure. These experiences shape us, and when handled with considerered resilience, build us. In this workshop, immersively and practically, we equip people with the competitive edge that allows them be more Assertive and influence the people that matter most.

3. New Economy Sales Training

Delivered in partnership with a market expert, this programme delivers high impact Selling Skills, utilising a neuroscience framework.

4. Raising Personal Effectiveness

This course is designed to help delegates take control of their work and maximise overall personal effectiveness and productivity. People are driven and empowered to 'raise their game' when it comes to making a professional impact. We specifically target efficiency and effectiveness both in processes and people. The course is based on global best practice in this subject matter.  We engage in a globally designed training format, customized to our local market that deep dives into concepts central to personal effectiveness such as, self organisation, cooperative collaboration, communication, focusing on goals, facilitating an end result, identifying interdependencies in a system, concentration, focus and resilience. Additionally we are able to deliver this content via one on one Performance Coaching, when identified as a business need.

5. Time Management

The world of work has evolved. Change is the constant and the speed at which these changes occur leave most employees feeling overwhelmed, bogged down, frustrated and stuck in a rut. One thing is certain: if you can’t manage your time effectively, you will have a hard time managing anything else. This one day #TimesUp: A Time Management Workshop, aims to remove the hassle and serve as the antidote to poor planning and overwhelm resulting in lack of operational delivery. You will learn how to eliminate time cheaters, delegate low-priority tasks (supervisors and up) and establish a work flow that delivers urgent and important matters before all else. Best of all, you will learn how to establish a sustainable way of working that allows you to work smart and deliver on objectives, consistently. We target the currency of consistency through self evaluation and correction.

6. Personal Branding | Isiigqi (What’s your rhythym?)

The Isigqi: What’s your rhythm programme is an immersive Learning Programme, unique to Injabulo Learning, designed and crafted to the individual needs of the market.

The key learning outcomes of this workshop were as follows:

  • Craft a Personal Brand
  • Work more effectively in an individual capacity, reach optimum performance
  • The value of high stake conversations in a team environment
  • Functional VS dysfunctional conflict
  • Collective contribution toward shared goals
  • Organise and manage oneself and one’s activities responsibly and effectively
  • Work effectively and meaningfully contribute in a team environment
  • Understand individual strengths and limitations
  • Be sensitive to others in a range of operation

We operate on the premise that typically we deal with two types of issues when attempting to sustain behaviour change: skill and will. We then addresses both of these. We are utilising Dick Beckhard’s GRPI model as our academic framework, underpinning all immersions. We approach individuals on training as a complex and layered being, in best comparison to the ice-berg model. Deep shifts lie in the work done ‘below the water’. You can therefore be assured that our work will target just that for sustainable behaviour change. This product is a market favourite!

7. Stress Management

We know very well that chronic stress is bad for our health, but we have much to learn from those who handle stress very well. Can stress be good for us? After all, an adrenalin rush has it's advantages, sometimes even delightfully so, for so called daredevils and sensation-seekers. Today, we have evolved from the basic fight or flight response we had become accustomed to, and yet here we are stressing out about our debt, work life balance, conflicts and clashes, economic crises, and countless varieties of relatively mundane stressors. In the grand scheme of things, such stressors rarely threaten our survival, so why are we still so stressed out?This course delves into the causes of stress and the critical techniques required to manage and navigate this stress. . A whole new field of stress devoted to the concept of “resilience” has emerged. Delegates leave with tangible tools on how to stress less and achieve more. 

8. Change Management

Change management is the process, by which individuals manage the people side of change to achieve the required business outcome. Change is often a daunting process for those undergoing it and therefore can create emotional upheaval and emotional turmoil. In this workshop we deep dive into the the organisational tools that can be utilized sucessfully navidage change. This addresses both logical and emotional processes required to navigate the demands of a changing environment. Successfully applying change management training enables organisations to deliver results on each change more effectively and build competencies that grow the individuals capacity to tackle diverse changes at one time. The workshop can be tailored to organisations dealing with a restructuring process, to partner with them on the transition. 

9. Emotional Intelligence

Research tells us that Emotional Intelligence, in an increasingly complex work of work, is now more important than ever. In a climate and global wave of Artificial Intelligence, it is often a key determinant and differentiator in the identification, retention and promotion of top talent.

Your emotional intelligence quotient is your capacity to reason and analyze emotional information. In this workshop we equip delegates with the self awareness requirement to be  aware of these emotions which in turn enable better decisions and develop better relationships.

To ensure this learning translates to the workplace practically, we impart the skill of self management, in response to identified emotions. Learning is delivered in partnership with industry experts to impart the theory, trigger an emotional response of delegates and then deal with these individuals responses and the most emotionally intelligent way to navigate the waters of a flight or flight response by the brain. We creatively target emotional resilience as a core competency.   

10. #FOCUS: A Team Building Series

A quickfire team series that can be tailored to the teams needs. This format can be delivered at 2 hour intervals over a 6 or 12 month period.


Team Collaboration:
Survivor Challenge

Key Learning Outcomes:

Team Challenges
Diversity and Inclusion
Personal Motivation
Striving for Excellence
Competition as a hindrance VS a driver


Team Trust:
Mystery Box Challenge

Key Learning Outcomes:

Values alignment between organisation and self
Living the organisation values
The impact of trust on relationships
Building meaningful relationships

3 Supportive

Team Resilience:
Emotional Intelligence

Key Learning Outcomes:

Defining Emotional Intelligence
EQ vs IQ
Managing Emotions for success
Emotional resilience (Including Anger Management)
Emotional Mastery (Including Mindfulness)

4 Opportunity

Team Talks:
High Stake Conversations

Key Learning Outcomes:

Receiving feedback
Giving Feedback
Understanding the role of conflict in relationships
Conflict Resolution Skills

5 United

Team Branding:
The Brand of YOU

Key Learning Outcomes:

Personal Branding
Brand Presence
Mitigating brand damage
Influencing for greatness

6 Enhancement

High Performing Teams
(Wrap Up and Close)

Key Learning Outcomes:

Personal Action Plans
Appreciation Circle