Learnerships (Accredited Learning)

We offer end to end expertise on the implementation of Learnerships. This includes, SARS Tax Rebate applications, SETA Funding curation and practical workplace support. 


  1. Generic Management (59201)
  2. Customer Management (96099)
  3. General Management (96100)
  4. Skills Development Management (96101)
  5. Strategic Management (96102)

Generic Management (Services SETA)

This qualification enables delegates to raise their Personal Effectiveness as well as the effectiveness of teams, thereby directly impacting Performance in the workplace. Below are the high level Learning Modules. 

  1. VUCA at Work (Understanding and Leading Volatile Environments)
  2. Diversity and Inclusion, Managing Stakeholder Relations
  3. Monitor, Assess and Manage Risk
  4. Innovation in Teams
  5. Ethics in the Workplace

General Management

High Level Learning Outcomes

  1. Legislative Compliance
  2. Ethical Management
  3. Financial Analysis 
  4. Operational Excellence
  5. Improve Communication in Teams

Strategic Management

  1. Strategy Formulation
  2. Financial Management
  3. Apply Principles of Corporate Governance and Ethical Leadership
  4. Negotiation in multi-faceted context
  5. Strategic Partnership Management

Customer Management

'When companies ignore customer value in favour of being product-obsessed, they are forced to organise around their products or services to maximise product expertise, rather than investing in strategies that will garner higher returns by seeking to acquire, retain and develop the highest-value customers' Peter Fader.

This elective explores the value of Customer Management in an organisation.

  1. Understand/Profile Customers, deep dive their needs and respond accordingly.
  2. Identify and manage areas of Customer Service impact
  3. Dealing with Difficult Customers
  4. Develop a Marketing Plan and Marketing Strategy
  5. Customer Management Metrics (Develop a strategy for teams)

Skills Development Management

This programme is best aimed at HR, Learning and Development or teams responsible for landing the Skills Development agenda. The programme aims to transition teams from transactional to transformational HR/Skills Development.

  1. Development and Implement an Organisation wide Skills Development Strategy
  2. Coordinate and implement planned Skills Development Initiatives
  3. Skills Development as a lever to drive Organsiational Transformation
  4. Promote a Learning Culture
  5. Manage individual career pathing